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Should We All Move to Austin, TX?!

Austin Skyline

My Humble Opinion After One Month of Austin Life.

Pro 1. Cool Neighborhood Vibes

Photo by Charles Davis Smith on

Con 1. Gentrification

Pro 2. Tons of Local Businesses — Eye-Catching and Always Interesting

Photo by Kylie Mclaughlin for Getty Images

Con 2. You Might Need to Depend on Yelp for Reliable Dining

Pro 3. It’s Pretty Awesome for Biking

Photo by John Wachunas on Spinlister

Con 3. Everything is CROWDED!

Barton Springs Pool on a Tuesday morning.

A Final Con: Why Austin isn’t the Best Place for California-Lovers to Move (and Where Is)

Texas Hill Country.



Wine country in Fredericksburg, TX.


Where Californian’s and California-Lovers Should Move Instead?

For this reason, I would recommend Cali-Lovers pick Florida instead.

Photo by me on @TheMonthlyMigrant on Instagram. Please credit for reuse.

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